Whether you need Miami water heater replacement, repair, or installations, we have a team of expert plumbers in Miami who have the expertise you need.

Whatever your hot water needs are, our highly skilled specialists can get your water heater running in no time.

At Hernandez Plumbing, you can expect:

  • Professional Plumbers
  • More than 50 Years of Experience
  • Customized Hot water Solutions
  • Unbeatable Workmanship

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Licensed Water Heater Repair in Miami

Looking for highly-qualified, licensed plumbers for water heater repair in Miami? At Hernandez Plumbing, we offer expert water heater installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services at affordable charges.

Be it reduced hot water pressure, rusty colored water, or leaking issues, we are your go-to experts for all types of water heater—with or without a tank.

With years of experience and in-depth knowledge of water heaters, our experts can fix all types of water heater issues.

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Our Water Heater Services

Initial Consultation

Get a FREE consultation with our experts at a time that suits you and discuss your water heater repair installation, repair, or replacement needs.

Our team of experts will take the time to understand your needs and will recommend the best solution that suits your needs and budget.

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We are your go-to tank water heater installation experts in Miami. We can install all kinds of residential and commercial water heater systems.

At Hernandez Plumbing, our certified and licensed plumbers will ensure that your water heater is installed correctly as prescribed by the manufacturer.

We install any brand, model, and style of water heater and can help you make the right choice for your needs.

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From water heater leaks to no hot water at all; from the system making strange noises to not having enough hot water, situations like these will always call for immediate repair.

Our team of experienced water heater repair experts in Miami will get your water heater back in working condition quickly and effectively.

We will diagnose your heater and provide you with the best possible solution for repairs.

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Regular maintenance helps you increase the lifespan of your water heater and prevents expensive repairs.

Our certified plumbers perform complete routine maintenance check-ups to ensure that your water heater gives you the utmost performance. They also check for any issues that may require the water heater replacement in Miami.

However, if we find anything wrong with your water heater unit, we’ll fix it within no time.

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For more details about our water heater installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services in Miami, Florida


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Why Choose us for Miami Water Heater Replacement?


Certified Plumbers

All water heater installation & repair experts in Miami are certified, well-trained, and have years of experience.

We are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to install and repair all types of water heaters units irrespective of their brands.


Transparent Prices

We believe in honest pricing, that is why we always offer upfront pricing for all our services including water heater replacement in Miami.

There will be no surprise element with any kind of hidden fees or additional charges. We always give a fair and accurate quote.


Convenient Service

At Hernandez Plumbing, we strive to minimize the wait time so you can get super-fast services.

Our team of experts makes sure to schedule our water heater installation & repair service according to your convenience.


Award-Winning Customer Service

We have built a strong reputation in the industry with our high level of service and customer care.

No job is too small or too big for our plumbers. Be it water heater installation or repair in Miami, we always give our 100%.


No-Mess Service

No matter how complicated the job is, our team of expert  plumbers makes sure to leave no mess after the service.

We respect your property and treat it like our own. We make sure to leave your property as clean as it was before.



At  Hernandez Plumbing, we believe that the best does not have to be always  overpriced.

We follow a solution-oriented approach providing you with unparalleled Miami water heater services in Miami at affordable prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.How much does it cost to repair my water heater repair in Miami?

    It is not possible to provide you with an exact amount right away for repairing the water heater in Miami before checking out various factors such as

      • The size and location of the water heater
      • The type of the system—with a tank or tankless
      • The condition of the heating element
      • Time required for repair
      • Any custom request and more.

    At Hernandez Plumbing, we’ll come to your property and provide you with a final amount after discussing the above-mentioned factors. Please feel free to call us at 305-428-3782 for a detailed discussion.

  • 2.What is your water heater installation procedure?

    Being experienced plumbers, we follow the best practices for tank water heater installation in Miami.

    • Take measurements for the new water heater
    • Calculate the right size and capacity of the new water heater
    • Install the new system
    • Connect wiring, water inlet & outlet pipes, and electrical supply lines
      and more.
    • Run a final test to ensure the system is working and ready to use

    Get in touch with our experts, we’ll evaluate the above-mentioned factors and will suggest the best solution to deal with your situation.

  • 3.How to choose the right water heater?

    and various other water heater feature requirements—heating element, maximum temperature range, automatic cut-off switch, and so on.

    • Time required—Instant or conventional water heater
    • Working principle—Solar or electric water heaters
    • Water storage—tank or tankless water heater
    • Energy efficiency ratings
    • Size and capacity
    • Your budget
    • Design preferences
  • 4.When should I replace my water heater?

    It is highly recommended to upgrade your water heater after every 10 to 15 years. Below mentioned are the common signs that indicate that it is time to call for professional water heater replacement services in Miami.

    A drain snake is a great option for cleaning minor clogs, however, it is not suitable for major cleaning. Also, it does not clean the drain/pipe entirely.

    • Rustic/colored water
    • Unpleasant noises
    • Water storage—tank or tankless water heater
    • Strange odor
    • Taking more time than usual to heat water
    • Poor water flow/li>
    • High energy bills

    For more information, call 305-428-3782 or contact us. One of our experts will answer all your questions.

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