If you live in a home that was constructed before 1975, chances are it might be time to consider upgrading your property’s plumbing system. Cast iron pipes are common in older homes as they were a very durable choice. However, due to their age, it’s highly likely your cast iron plumbing system would be in need of repair or replacement. 

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Four Ways to Fix Cast Iron Pipes

  • Spot Repair: The “Spot repair” method is defined as replacing a small section of cast iron pipe inside crawl space or slab with PVC pipe. Most of the time these repairs involve breaking a small section of flooring and replacing the worst sections of cast iron with PVC pipe. 
  • PVC Liner: Although not a very popular option, it is possible to replace sections of pipe with PVC liner. This method is not very cost effective but can serve as a temporary fix. 
  • Rerouting: The best way to fix a broken cast iron pipe is to have it rerouted through your property with new PVC piping. However, some challenges may arise such as having structures in the way making it a difficult task.
  • Replacement: This method involves replacing the cast iron piping with new PVC. Although replacing it is the most effective choice, it can be a costly and lengthy process. 
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cast iron pipe repair, cast iron pipe replacement miami
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