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Hernandez Plumbing, with its extensive experience spanning over five decades, is your go-to choice for all-inclusive backflow testing and certification services. Our primary mission is to safeguard your water supply by effectively preventing backflow, a potentially harmful condition where polluted water can reverse its course into your uncontaminated water supply.


Understanding Backflow and Its Potential Risks

Backflow in plumbing refers to an undesired reversal of water flow. This can occur due to sudden pressure changes in your pipes, often caused by a water main break or extensive water usage in the vicinity. Backflow poses a serious health hazard as it can introduce contaminants such as bacteria, chemicals, and other harmful substances from non-potable water sources into your drinking water supply.

  • Water Contamination – Backflow can lead to the contamination of your clean drinking water with pollutants, impurities, and harmful substances.
  • Illnesses – Contaminated water poses health risks as it may contain viruses, chemicals, bacteria, and other other pathogens that can cause serious illnesses when ingested.
  • Plumbing Damage – Water backflow can add stress to your plumbing system, potentially causing damage to valves, fixtures, and pipes.
  • Costly Backflow Repairs – Mitigating the backflow effects and restoring water quality can be expensive, including the need for equipment replacement and system flushing.


Our Comprehensive Backflow Certification Services

Our team of licensed professionals, with their extensive experience, carry out an exhaustive inspection of your plumbing system to detect any potential backflow problems. We utilize cutting-edge tools and abide by the most recent industry standards and regulations for backflow testing and prevention.

1. Backflow Testing: We perform routine backflow tests to ensure your prevention devices are functioning properly. Regular testing is vital for early detection of any malfunctions to prevent potential water supply contamination.

2. Backflow Certification: Our qualified technicians are certified to perform backflow prevention assembly tests. Upon successful completion of the test, we provide a certification – a requirement in many localities.

3. Backflow Repair and Installation: In case we identify a faulty backflow preventer, we offer prompt repair or replacement services. Our team possesses the necessary skills and training to efficiently install new backflow prevention devices.

4. Emergency Backflow Services: We are fully aware that backflow problems can arise unexpectedly. That’s why we offer round-the-clock emergency services to tackle any sudden backflow issues and protect your water supply.


Why Choose Hernandez Plumbing for backflow certifications?

  • Skilled Technicians: Our technicians are highly trained, certified, and possess years of hands-on experience in dealing with a wide range of backflow issues.
  • Quality Assurance: We take immense pride in the quality of our services. We use only top-notch equipment and parts for all our services.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: We strive to exceed customer expectations by offering personalized and professional services. Your satisfaction is our priority.
  • Affordable Solutions: We offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on service quality, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on many things like the amount of water that flows in the vicinity, the age of the plumbing system or the height and location of the property. As a general rule, residential installations should be tested at least yearly, while industrial ones should be more often.

You could, but without a professional formation would you know what to do? How to interpret the results? Or to resolve problems that might arise from merely tampering with the device? A Certified Plumber will save you the trouble with the know-how and local regulations, keeping you safe and sound.

A licensed plumber will check and test the backflow prevention tool. They'll examine its functionality and make any vital changes or upkeep to make certain it effectively prevents water infection.

Without a legitimate backflow certification, your home might be prone to contamination, felony penalties, and water service interruptions. Additionally, your insurance coverage might be affected.

Look for plumbers with particular experience in backflow prevention. Check their certifications and opinions, and make certain they are familiar with local regulations. A certified plumber will provide reliable testing, certification and valuable insight on your plumbing maintenance to prevent future issues.