What to expect from your cast iron pipe replacement project

Highest Ratings For A Miami Plumber In Yelp!


    What to expect from your cast iron pipe replacement project

    Highest Ratings For A Miami Plumber In Yelp!


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      Most property owners have the same concerns before starting a Cast Iron replacement project. 3 most common concerns include :

      How long can the project take ?

      The project duration can depend on the company you choose to go with. For example, if you choose a licensed company with man power like a dedicated plumbing crew working around the clock, Draft its own plans, permit runners, dedicated project managers, tile Installers and years of experience it can shorten the time frame drastically. We understand the sense of urgency to get back to a normal life so we have focused on our 40+ year old proven process to cut time wherever we can. We figured out it has to do with our divide and conquer techniques. Rome wasn’t built in a day but the more skilled people working towards the goal will speed up the process.  A typical cast Iron project can depend on how many plumbing outlets there are and how involved the project is. The city where you live in can also delay things as process times may vary city to city. A regular 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home, with kitchen and laundry, the replacement section only of the cast iron to PVC can be done in as little as 2 weeks.  We have divided these projects into 5 simple sections to understand:  

      Click here to see the Cast Iron project steps : Cast Iron Project outline

      The Best Miami Plumber Can Help

      The Best Miami Plumber Can Help

      How Much is it going to cost?

      These projects can be very expensive depending on the size of the house. It is common to feel overwhelmed and reluctant to start a huge renovation like in this in any home or business. If you really think about it though from a financial standpoint with your property you are making a great investment. Usually this involves renovating outdated bathrooms and permanently fixing your drain lines for good. This provides huge upside and equity to your home or business. Whether it’s an investment property, your personal home or business the biggest reason for replacing your Cast Iron piping to PVC is it will give you peace of mind. Never having to worry about not being able to use your bathroom toilets, getting a call from a tenant in the middle of the night, or being able to take a hot shower after a long day of work. So once you start experiencing problems with your drainage system you’re just delaying the inevitable . When it comes to pricing it can vary depending on how many fixture locations, piping run distances, and difficulty you have in your home. The plumbing replacement can range from 2K on smaller sections to up to 50k+ on large commercial properties.  Since we know these can be a huge cost with the average person we offer different payment options. We offer financing options with low interest or sometimes zero interest for 6 months depending on the credit score and depending on your situation most people work through their homeowners insurance. We have worked with all homeowners insurances in south florida over the last 48 years. This will require proper documentation and usually can take a little longer to get funded. 

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      Can I still live in the property while the work is being done?

      Depending on what the project entails could determine if you can stay at the property or not. When the project involves demolition of the majority of your home it might be hard to be home while the project is ongoing. Even though it might seem impossible to live at home with these conditions, we have done many projects with families still living in the home. This involves us using our unique protection measure, Plastic dust barriers, customized stages and PVC Reroutes through the exterior of the home. To have a better idea if you need another place to while the project is completed please

      Here at hernandez plumbing, we have a dedicated project account manager that coordinates the following for each project:

      Plumbing Plans

      The plumbing plans are done in house which saves you on hiring an architect. Most companies don’t provide this.


      We have a dedicated permit runner in house that saves time smaller companies the actual plumber is doing this and that could prolongs the project more than a week.


      This is what we specialize in. So that means we help you find the best most economical routes to get the job done. Sometimes the tile drywall, paint etc. can be the longest part of the project. The quality and coordination of our build back team is unmatched. 


      every project has a dedicated account manager and project manager that is always available to answer any questions or concerns


      we always install containments, dust barriers, floor protection, and plastic to protect furniture wherever needed to maintain a safe, protected clean environment.

      Build Back Team

      Sometimes the tile drywall, paint etc. can be the longest part of the project. The quality and coordination of our build back team is unmatched.