How to Prevent and Protect Your Home from Leaks

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Home Leaks

Home Leaks

There are a lot of reasons to want to act quickly when it comes to household leaks, especially in an area like Miami where rain and wild weather can be common. For one, government statistics show you’re your average family can waste 180 gallons per week just from household leaks.


This adds up to 9,400 gallons of water a year, which means a much bigger water bill than you were probably expecting. Combine this with the fact that a leak can lead to water damage, and even the smallest drip can lead to a big expense.

The silver lining here is that there are a lot of things you can to do to be proactive and catch leaks before you get to that point.

In general, the basic principle when it comes to catching leaks early is going to be being attentive to both your plumbing as well as your water-using appliances. Here are a few examples of some symptoms that may lead to a leak if you don’t act:

  • Check for running water in the bathroom. This doesn’t just mean leaving the faucet on, but toilets that “phantom flush” or tanks that refill. A leaky toilet is one of the most common household leaks, and can still cause a major cost on your water bill.
  • Every year, look under your sinks, dishwashers, and refrigerators. With some of the bathroom leaks we mentioned above, you can generally hear them even if you don’t see them. A small drip in the cabinet under the sink may not be so noticeable, but can still cause water damage, especially to wood. 
  • Check your water heater annually as well. Things that could potentially lead to water leaks include condensation and corrosion around the pipes. Every three years, you want to bring on a professional as well to help with leak detection you may not see at first.
  • Clear your gutters at least once a year along with your indoor leak detection. This will give you the chance to clear out blockages that could damage your gutters, roof, and even your foundation.

The Other Areas To Consider?

Water Lawns

Water Lawns

One example may be your irrigation system if you use one to help water your lawn. A lot of things can cause leaks here, from hard water deposits to rodents.

This is a bit harder to be proactive about, but some signs that you may have a small leak can include a dying lawn even with your system, or soggy patches on the law. If you have a large landscape you need to maintain, it may be worth it to install an irrigation meter.

In the same vein, take a look at the trees on your property in relation to where your piping is. If you see roots starting to grow towards where you have pipes, you may want to call a Miami plumber in advance to see if one is intruding on the other.

Pay Attention!

Leaks are more than a minor inconvenience. If left unchecked, they can not only lead to potential damage of some of your personal possessions, but affect the safety of your home, due to structural issues and the potential for mold and disease spreading.

Top Tier Plumbing Experts

Reach out to plumbing professionals in Miami the moment you think that there’s a possible leak.

At Hernandez Plumbing in Miami, we know how to act fast and effectively to target and fix leaks. When it comes to plumbers in Miami, we’re also the gold standard—a 3rd generation family-owned business that’s been around since 1972.

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