5 Ways To Prevent Plumbing Nightmares

By September 11, 2018Blog
Plumbing nightmares

Plumbing nightmares

Whether you have an older home or a newer, one, making sure that your plumbing is working properly is an essential part of keeping things up and running. After all, when pipes burst or sinks/toilets become backed up, it seems to put your entire home life on hold. Just like taking care of a lawn or a home appliance, doing a little bit of work here and there is a lot easier to having to drop everything to deal with a major repair or emergency issue. In addition, it tends to cost a lot less money. Here are some examples of things that you can do to avoid finding yourself in the middle of a plumbing disaster.


Beware of clogs. There are lots of different things that can end up backing up your various pipes and plumbing. A lot of avoiding this is just doing a little bit of extra cleaning work and using best practices in your home. For the shower, hair and soap residue can build up over time. Before you find yourself needing to deal with a clog, just get in the habit of going into the shower drain with a dry or wet vacuum. For the sink, try to avoid putting in excessive grease or cooking fat. Clogged Toilet? Click here. Clogged Sink?  Click Here. 

Just A Simple Peek

Look for visual signs. Sometimes, a simple peek every now and then can make the difference between a plumbing disaster and a minor hiccup. For example, if the hoses in the back of your washing machine dry out and burst, you have an expensive repair and potential water damage to deal with. Check for cracks and blisters in the hoses regularly to catch a problem before it happens.

The Valve We Forget About

Know your main shut-off valve. The main water shut-off valve in your home controls the flow of all water in your home, and it’s important to not only know where it is, but make sure that it works. Be sure to test it every now and then, and shut it off if you are going to be leaving your home for a vacation or extended period.

The Critters That Make Us Jump

Take care of infestations. When mice or other vermin set up shop in your home, a lot of the time, they prefer to go through cracks and holes in your sewer pipe. Not only do you have unwanted animals in your home, but if they set up shop in some of your plumbing, it can lead to other issues down the line. Be sure to look out for potential points of entry, and consider getting an exterminator if you see clear evidence that pests are in your home.

Break The Habit of Not Being In A Habit

Get in the habit of doing your own maintenance checks. Just like a car, some people neglect their basic plumbing needs until something goes catastrophically wrong. However, you can get a little bit of a hint that you’re going to need to call a plumber for help by doing a few basic checks to see how your main systems are working. One example of this for your toilet can be done with basic household items. In some cases, the flapper at the back of your toilet can warp out of shape due to wear and tear. Checking for a faulty flapper is easy: just put some dark food coloring into your toilet tank and leave it overnight. If you check the next day and see that there’s still color in the bowl, you need a new flapper.

When it comes to taking any kind of care of your home, plumbing included, you’re going to need to do two main things to be equipped for any scenario. The first is going to be employing all the different tactics and techniques we mentioned to try and take as good care of your plumbing system as possible. The second is going to be understanding that despite all your best efforts, eventually, you will probably encounter something that’s out of your depth. When this happens, you want to have a professional plumber at the ready to tackle the issue and avoid any long-lasting damage or expenses. For the Miami area, Hernandez Plumbing fills that need. We’re a 3rd generation family-owned business that’s been around since 1972. When you run into a plumbing nightmare despite your best efforts, we’re here to help.


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