10 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Cast Iron Plumbing

By August 15, 2018Blog
10 Signs

10 Signs

If you’re like many homeowners across the U.S., your cast iron plumbing might be causing some problems around your property. Cast iron was the material of choice back in the 20th century, but these days are coming to an end. Cast iron was once seen as reliable and durable, but these pipes are being replaced by more economical plumbing materials. If you have cast iron plumbing in your home, here are 10 signs that it’s time to have it replaced.

  1. Constant Leaks

If you see constant leaks around your home, such as a drip of water here and a water stain there, it’s time to replace your cast iron pipes or the leaking will only get worse.

  1. Slow to Drain

Your cast iron pipes might be slow to drain after a while. All kinds of debris, hair, and even hard water can lead to a buildup in the pipes, which means it can take a while for the fluid to drain.

  1. Discolored Tap Water

No one wants to drink yellowish tap water. If you’ve noticed a strange discoloration every time you turn on the facet, your cast iron pipes are probably to blame.

cast iron pipes

cast iron pipes

  1. Cracks in the Foundation

If one of your pipes springs a leak, you might notice cracks in the wall or around the foundation of your home. This usually means the main water line is leaking and has been for some time. You’ll need to call a plumber before the leak does serious damage to the structure of your home. 

  1. Rodents and Pests

If you have cast iron sewage lines and they spring a leak, your home could become a five-star hotel for rodents and other pests that love the smell of sewage. In addition to calling an exterminator, you might want to call a plumber.

  1. Strange Smells

Strange smells can also be a sign that your pipes need to be replaced. You might notice the smell of sewage or mold, which can be a sign of an even larger issue like a leak or water damage.

  1. Mold Spores

If one of your pipes has been leaking, you’re bound to see or smell mold around your property after a while. Mold can lead to all sorts of health hazards, so you should call a plumber right away.

  1. Leaking Sewage

If you have leaking sewage on your property, it will probably turn up in your front or backyard. Sewage actually doubles as a natural fertilizer, so you might see parts of your yard looker greener than normal. But if you see sewage or suspect a leak, you’ll need to fix the issue immediately. You don’t want to walk through sewage every time you go in your yard. It may be time for a drain cleaning or sewer camera inspection.

  1. Sagging Soil or Pavement

If some of the soil in your yard or parts of the driveway look like they’re sagging, it might be a sign that water is leaking under your property. This will cause the soil or cement to sink in, creating an uneven look.

Blue Plumbing Line

Blue Plumbing Line

  1. Puddles on Your Property

Puddles in your yard can also be a sign that you have a leak somewhere underground. The grass might feel unusually soggy in some parts.

If you still have cast iron pipes in your home, it’s only a matter of time before they’ll need to be replaced. Don’t wait until you see some of the signs we mentioned above, as repairing water damage and leaks can be quite expensive. Contact the experts at Hernandez Plumbing today to have your home’s cast iron pipes replaced before you see the first signs of trouble.

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